Live United

The YouTube Network for Electronic Music Fanatics

Electro-Visual State of Mind

An Electro-Visual breed between edgy Electronic Music culture and a new wave YouTube network

WIMSIC is first to know and first to share. As YouTubers, Promoters, Fans, Producers and DJs, we pioneer new genres to experience and create original sounds with extraordinary people. Experience imaginative new worlds and excel in a shifting musical landscape. We are here to embrace it and drive it. Live united.



Immerse yourself as you are drawn to WIMSIC’s soundscapes

Create, mix, and explore with thousands of fans, producers, and djs by engaging in any of the 4 gateways. Then move freely between them and expand your horizons in a new space.


Savor a surge of bliss in new music that flows and unfolds.


Quench your thirst for upcoming drops and reach for the lights.


Satisfy the deepest hunger for heart-stopping bass and calculated frenzy.


Mesmerize with rhythmic beats and lose yourself in the crowd.